ServerLink 16A Automatic Transfer Switch Dual 16A IEC-C20 Input Plugs & 10 x 10A IEC-C13
Product Code: SLP-ATS-001

ServerLink 16A Automatic Transfer Switch Dual 16A IEC-C20 Input Plugs & 10 x 10A IEC-C13

The ServerLink Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is a single phase, dual input PDU that provides dual power redundancy to single corded equipment. When power from the primary source (Input A) becomes unavailable, the ATS automatically transfers the connected load to the secondary source (Input B). The connected load is transferred back to Input A as soon as the primary source becomes available again. The high speed transfer rate ensures that the transfer is transparent to any connected sensitive equipment. The two sources are not required to be in phase. The ServerLink ATS is an ideal solution that builds in redundancy and increases the AC power availability of single corded equipment.
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The ATS provides 10 x IEC-C13 outlets to connect multiple equipment without the need for an additional PDU. The integrated current meter and built-in web server allows at-the-rack and remote real time monitoring of current consumption, voltage, frequency, power factor, active power, apparent power and kWh of connected equipment. Optional probes are available to support temperature and humidity monitoring.

• Automatic switching provides dual power redundancy for single corded equipment
• 1RU horizontal mount
• Dual Input Connectors 2 x 16A IEC-C20 inputs
• Includes 2 x 3 metre IEC C19 to C20 power cables
• 10 x 10A IEC-C13 outlet sockets
• True RMS Meter provides Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power Factor, Active Power, Apparent Power, Total kWh and Sub-total kWh of connected equipment
• Protocols supported: HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, DHCP & UDP
• Integrated web server and built-in network connectivity enables remote monitoring via a standard Web browser or SNMP
• The two input power sources are not required to be in phase
• Detection and transfer time 8ms to 16ms
• Optional probes to support temperature and humidity monitoring
• Network: 1 x RJ45 port for Ethernet
• Temp/Humidity: 1 x RJ11 port for Environmental probe
• SSL Indication: 1 x Yellow LED
• DHCP Indication: 1 x Green LED
• Input Status: 2 x Green LED's
• Output Status: 2 x Green LED's
• Current Meter: (3) digit LED display
• Current Range: 0A~20A
• Current Resolution: 0.1A
• Current Precision: +/- 2% +/- 0.1A
• Voltage: +/- 2% @ 90V~260V
• Active Power: +/- 2% @ 50W~5000W
• Apparent Power: +/- 2% @ 50VA~5000VA
• Frequency: +/- 2% @ 45Hz~65Hz
• Power Factor: +/- .02 @ 0.5~1.0
• kWh Range: 0.001kWh~99999.999kWh
• kWh Precision: +/- 2% @ 50W~5000W, kh=1.0
• Nominal Voltage: 200VAC~240VAC
• On-Line Voltage: 180VAC~262VAC
• Maximum Output Current: 16A

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